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Dance Classes With Karen


         After almost 5 decades of teaching in person dance classes, performing, and choreographing in the Midwest and Southwestern U.S.A., I'm beyond excited to embark on a new chapter teaching Turkish-Egyptian/Middle Eastern inspired dance classes virtually to students across the country and the world. 

        Would you like to join me? 



"Karen is addicting! I continue to sign up for her classes again and again!"

Dex, Young Professional

“Sometimes just being with the positivity of women can make you feel stronger. Karen has always had a particular power to lift me up!”

Roxanna, Dancer,

Musician, And Artist

"Karen makes class fun with her positive energy and

not only instructs her students

but makes her class into a family."


Michele, College Student

"Karen's encouragement, wisdom, knowledge about physical and mental health, and positive outlook have stayed with me through the years and helped me in my  quest to become a better person. I have to say there has never been a fitness class or instructor that has affected me more." 


Lisa, Graphic Artist


Through Dance!"

*Two 6-Week Sessions Starting The Week Of Jan. 24th, 2022
Reserve Your Spot Today

      I welcome you to join me on an exciting drawing on centuries of Middle Eastern movements and rhythms, we will be tapping into our inner feminine power, learning to stand strong in our lives, and move through life with elegance, joy, and pride. 

     "Awaken Your Divine Through Dance" will be a one-hour weekly dance class on Zoom as a part of a 6-week series. This class is designed for women and anyone identifying as a woman and with all levels of experience (beginners, intermediate, and advanced students are all welcome). *Please note that no dance experience is required. 

Together we will be:


~Connecting with women’s dance traditions around the world and across time

~Exploring the wonders of dance so that we as women appreciate our bodies in a more positive way

~Sharing the joy of what dance and fitness can bring into our personal lives

~Discovering how to move with pride and elegance

~Moving to ancient rhythms

~Discussing how movement, dance, and rhythms can heal trauma

~Making friends and building community as sisters 

awakenyourdivinedanceflier seriesi2022.jpg

*If you miss one of the classes in this series, you're welcome to make it up on the other day within the same session. 

Included With The “Awaken Your Divine” Dance Class Series:

~6 weeks of live 1-hour classes taught by Karen on Zoom


~Access into a private FB community where we will nurture this sisterhood and share dance inspiration with one another

~Weekly class notes with the basics (techniques and movements), ideas for music inspiration,

costuming concepts, and prompts for practicing at home

Registration Now Open
$90 For 6-Week Series

Jan--Early March 2022 Session: Wednesday Classes
1/26/22 to 3/2/22: Wed. mornings at 9 a.m. Pacific Time Zone OR

Jan--Early March 2022 Session: Sunday Classes
1/30/22 to 3/6/22: Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. Pacific Time Zone

Space Is Limited-
Save Your Spot Today

        1) WRITE Karen a message below choosing which day you'd like to take her class (Wed. mornings at 9 a.m. Pacific OR Sun. mornings at 10 a.m. Pacific). Note that both sessions begin the week of Jan. 24th, 2022. 

         2) SEND $90 via Paypal to "" Please note to send as a "gift for friends and family" instead of as a service to avoid fees. 

         3) GET READY! Once Karen receives your message and payment, she will send you a confirmation with the zoom and class info for preparing for your first class! 

Thank you so for registering! I'll be sending you a confirmation email once I receive your payment on Paypal. Can't wait to get started!

Photo Credits:

Photo # 1: Unsplash Fausto Garcia Menendez

Photo #2 (Karen Dancing): Rachel Sarah Thurston

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