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 F.I.R.E. Fitness Classes With Karen

Welcoming All Ages (teens and up) and All Genders!


         After almost 5 decades of teaching in-person fitness, strength training, cardio-vascular, step bench, stability ball, plyometrics, and joint range of motion classes to men and women of all ages in the Midwest and the Southwestern U.S.A., I'm beyond excited to embark on a new chapter teaching fitness classes virtually to students (all genders and ages from 12+ are welcome!)

across the country and the world. 

        Would you like to embark on a NEW COMMITMENT to your


Come join me for this EXCITING and FUN new adventure!

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"[Because of Karen's classes] I look and feel better than I have in a long time." 



"Karen's classes are always dynamic!  You never know what routine she's going to pull out of her hat.  Great workout with lots of fun and camaraderie...she really rocks!!"


Judi, Docent and Passionate Hiker

"Karen is the best instructor I have ever had...But best of all she makes it fun." 


Ruth, Airline Employee and Grandmother

"Karen's encouragement, wisdom, knowledge about physical and mental health, and positive outlook have stayed with me through the years and helped me in my  quest to become a better person. I have to say there has never been a fitness class or instructor

that has affected me more." 


Lisa, Graphic Artist

"Working with Karen is like backpacking through Europe with a whole lot of espresso!"


Brandon, World Traveler

"Karen makes class fun with her positive energy and

not only instructs her students

but makes her class into a family."


Michele, College Student

"Karen creates an atmosphere in class that makes everyone push themselves and each other no matter their fitness levels…all while having fun. I have never felt more comfortable trying new things."

Tamara, College Student


Fitness Classes!

*Two 6-Week Sessions Starting The Week Of Jan. 24th, 2022
Reserve Your Spot Today

*All genders, fitness levels, and ages (teens and up) are welcome to enroll

F.I.R.E. Fitness Classes

Start The New Year Feeling Stronger And More Young At Heart!


F: Feel amazing physically and mentally as you start the New Year!

I: Initiate positive lifestyle changes 

R: Revitalize, renew, and restore your health and longevity

E: Engage and connect with a community of fellow fitness students from around the world


     I am beyond excited to share with you my personal strength training workout which has been lovingly curated over the past 50+ years of my career training men, women, and the younger generation in community, University, and private classes from the Midwest to the Southwestern, U.S.A. This protocol has helped my decades of students achieve their strength training goals, overall fitness, and maintain a sense of youthfulness.


     Over the years my students have raved about how much fun they have in class, how much extra energy they have, how they generally feel more positive about their bodies, and how much younger at heart they feel. 


     This is the very strength training protocol which has helped keep me fit for 50 years (riding horses, hiking, and traveling the world) and helped me feel vibrant at my age as The Woman On Fire


     The Covid Pandemic has changed our world. In these uncertain times, there’s so much outside of our control but, one of the things that is WITHIN OUR CONTROL is taking care of our HEALTH, FITNESS AND STRENGTH. This class doesn’t require a lot of money, fancy equipment or a gym membership. And you can do it all from the comfort of your home while also making friends and connecting with a community of like-minded individuals. 


     I so look forward to having you join me in this new Zoom Fitness Class! Whether you are new to fitness or are an elite cross training athlete, you will feel sufficiently challenged and supported in my fitness classes. 


     Through strength training and specific exercises, I’ll be helping you start the New Year off feeling as strong as possible and young at heart again! 


 When you listen to my cues and directions, you can expect to:


—Have fun!

—Have more overall energy

—Increase your muscle strength and endurance

—Increase your pride and self esteem in your new and stronger body

—Have fun!

—Revitalize, renew, and restore your health and longevity

—Feel vibrant whatever your age

Reduce risk of injuries

—Improve your quality of life

—Feel younger at heart

—And have fun!

young woman jumping with joy because of taking an exercise and fitness class

*If you miss one of the classes in this series, you're welcome to make it up on the other day within the same session. 

Included With My "F.I.R.E. Fitness" Class Series:

~6 weeks of live 1-hour classes taught by Karen on Zoom


~Access into a private FB community where we will nurture this community and share fitness inspiration with one another

Registration Now Open
$90 For 6-Week Series

Jan--Early March Session: Wednesday Classes
1/26/22 to 3/2/22: Wed. mornings at 7 a.m. Pacific Time Zone OR

Jan.--Early March Session: Sunday Classes
1/30/22 to 3/6/22: Sunday mornings at 8 a.m. Pacific Time Zone

Space Is Limited-
Save Your Spot Today

        1) WRITE Karen a message below choosing which day you'd like to take her class (Wed. mornings at 7 a.m. Pacific OR Sun. mornings at 8 a.m. Pacific). Note that both sessions begin the week of Jan. 24th, 2022. 

         2) SEND $90 via Paypal to "" Please note to send as a "gift for friends and family" instead of as a service to avoid fees. 

         3) GET READY! Once Karen receives your message and payment, she will send you a confirmation with the zoom info and materials for preparing for your first class! 

Thank you so much for registering! I'll be sending you a confirmation email once I receive your payment on Paypal.
I can't wait to get started!

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