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Karen's Blog

           Hey there! Welcome to my always evolving blog page where I’ll be sharing stories in three categories: 1) World Travel (including mother-daughter adventure travel as "Around The World With The Thurston Girls") 2) Fitness, Dance and Horseback Riding and 3) Healing From Trauma and PTSD.

            Join me for the ride! Get inspired to live more boldly in your own life! 

             If you're moved by a particular story, I would appreciate your "liking" the post and leaving a comment. And if you want to make sure to receive updates on future posts and content, please visit my contact page to subscribe to my monthly newsletter (with lots of other fun surprises!). 

Karen Custer Thurston, The Woman On Fire, is a world traveler, writer, motivational speaker, fitness trainer, belly dancer, equestrian and trauma survivor who inspires women and men to live with joy and passion. Karen and daughter

Rachel Sarah Thurston codirect the travel project “Around The World With The Thurston Girls”

following their mother-daughter adventures. 

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