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Reframing Valentine's Day As A Single, Older and Happy woman

Updated: Feb 2

Funny Valentine's Day Meme about staying happy

Valentine’s Day used to be a bummer for me.  When my marriage ended, I felt so alone and unwanted.  Painful days flowed into painful months and years.   I had no tools with which to create a “new me” nor to shore up the self-esteem that had been leached away.


Commercial images of expensive candies, blue-red roses, fancy cards and flowing sentiments have bombarded me with the constant reminder that I don’t have a romantic partner. Which have made me feel more alone.

Society is filled with these unrelenting types of messaging.

But do I really need a partner to feel complete and whole?

The truth is, I feel happier and freer than I ever have before in my life. My days are rich and filled with writing, working with my horses, travel, and time spent with dear friends and loved ones. I wake up every day filled with joy, intention, and purpose. 


And now, thanks to so many healing tools and practices, I am a new and different person than I was 10 years ago.

At this point, I’ve chosen to live solo for longer than when I was married. I honor all my friends and family who are in joyful marriages. We each have personal life paths with love and partnership. 

Daily, I continue to use the tools I learned from a sexual trauma therapist, engage in the amazing program of Dynamic Neural Retraining System (Annie Hopper) and participate in the equally amazing ACA program, The Loving Parent Guidebook


I now walk in my light and my empowerment. 

Not only do I know who I am but I take pride in who I am becoming


Today, Valentine’s Day is now a reminder of how I can joyously share my love for family, friends and MYSELF not only on that day but every day.  


Now, the only danger about the holiday is avoiding the half-price sale of alluring chocolate turtles on the day after. 

Those chocolate/pecan/caramel goodies are my downfall.



Thanks to working with Rachel Sarah Thurston, my writer branding mentor with State Of Sparkle author coaching, I’ve spent some time over the holidays meditating on what my purpose and direction are as the Woman On Fire. With her help, I’ve come up with a revised Mission Statement which I’ve added to the top of my website home page. I’ll be sending out bi-monthly (every two months) newsletters with this new direction and a clear focus on my journey healing from the aftermath of life’s many challenges. If you'd like to sign up to receive these free newsletters (6 a year), please subscribe here.

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Jan 31

Loved being a part of this very candid and vulnerable post! Bravo!

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