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The Woman On Fire

At 77, Life Is Just Beginning!

Be Bold. Be Brave. And Get Out There.

I Changed My Life And You Can, Too!

Are you feeling lost, struggling with self-worth, or facing the aftermath of life's challenges such as divorce, loss, or health crises? As a survivor of childhood abuse and abusive relationships,

I understand that pain and fear.


 In my late 60s, I recognized the need for healing and embarked on a multidecade journey to overcome trauma. Now, my passion is sharing this journey to inspire courage in others. 


I'm Karen Custer Thurston, aka “The Woman On Fire,” a 77-year old world traveler, writer, motivational speaker, fitness trainer, belly dancer, equestrian, and trauma survivor.


Join me in discovering humor and wisdom through my stories of world travel, the transformative power of horseback riding, and the healing influence of Middle Eastern Dancing.

Let's navigate life's ups and downs together, embracing bravery and joy. 


I live to inspire women and men to heal from trauma, to live boldly, and to

embody happiness and passion.

If I turned my life around, so can you! 


I look forward to helping you wake up with joy, intention, and purpose every day.

With Blessings,


As featured in:
The Los Angeles Times
Atlas Obscura
The Arizona Daily Sun
CovertSide Magazine
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